A flexible, concise reactive programming framework

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Project Structure

Bobtail has two main packages. The core reactive primitives and utility functions are defined in the bobtail-rx package. This functionality is included and re-exported as part of the bobtail package, which extends it with the rxt templating DSL and utility functions.


Any bugs or feature requests can always be reported on the bobtail issues page. If you know the bug or FR you’re reporting is related to the core framework rather than the templating extension, you can instead report the issue on the bobtail-rx project.

Making changes

Environment setup

After forking and cloning the project, run npm install. To test your changes, run npm test. To build your changes, run npm run build.

Windows users

If you are using Windows for your development environment, you’ll need to use the Linux Subsystem for Windows or, alternatively, a Bash emulator like Cygwin.

Committing changes

Before committing code, you should always run npm run build and add the dist/ folder as part of your commit. (Yes, this should be a pre-commit hook). Once you’ve committed and pushed to your fork, you can open a pull request on the parent project.

Unit tests and CI

Bobtail is an extensively tested framework. Unit tests are written in Jasmine. The bobtail package’s unit tests (which cover the rxt templating code only) are executed using Karma. bobtail-rx’s unit tests (covering everything else) are also written in Jasmine, but currently only executed in NodeJS. Adding Karma support to execute these tests in the browser is a priority. We use Travis for continuous integration, which you should enable for your forked copy.

New code should always be unit tested, and bug fixes should ship with a unit test that reproduces the bug being solved.


The documentation (which is to say, this website) is written in Markdown as part of the project. Documentation improvements and contributions are always welcome!


Regular contributors are encouraged to join the bobtail-dev Github organization.