A flexible, concise reactive programming framework

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  • Fixed bug with casting to DepMaps
  • Fixed bug where one couldn’t create an ObsMap from a Set
  • promiseBind updated to use Promise API (then) rather than done; now officially documented and supported
  • ObsBase objects now come with toCell, toArray, toMap, and toSet methods, which are equivalent to rx.cast(this, <type>) and <type>.from(this)
  • Upgrade to Jasmine 2.8.0
  • Babel now transpiles from ES2017 to ES5


  • Moved eslint and uglify-es out of dependencies (how did they get there?) and into devDependencies.


  • Upgraded to bobtail-rx@2.2.1, which includes following changes: ** added support for resolving promiseBinds if the Promise rejects. ** added missing keys method to ObsSet. ** flatten now supports Functions. Any function f found by flatten will be binded to a cell, which will itself then be flattened. This is to support desired semantics of the rxt templating DSL.